Clocks and Society (Who won’t leave me alone here in the dark…)


Maybe something is wrong,

maybe i really care…

where’s the light i thought i lit?

when  did i start to build and fight?



Did you get to see,the turns and signs?

 the steps on me,and the lights behind..?

Did you burned the page of that love so odd?

did you sang with me,when i felt the song?

Did  you find in me,what i thought was lost?


Here in the dark,with these broken wings

i may find some hope,i may still believe.

If the touch we share, is as pure as me

then  the  path  will guide,then the blind will see.



If you got a clock,you may dont want to stay

just because my love, it’s meant to fade away

like the dust of night,and the glow of day.

Like  the fear of love ,like the joy of pray.

Like the dream we share,knowing we still there…


If you my friend,want to play like fools

i can kindly play,if then at the end,ill see in my room

those two beds so tied,and the clock  that they got to hide

then the dawn will come,when i go away,

to my distant life,to my dream to share…





So tonight you said

“clocks are not  to trust,clowns is all they make,you dont believe in time,and then you laugh out loud”

that you  just use them to relate people with society ,and i laugh ,so loud..and smiled at “ME…”.

and i replied,that was time to sleep…

don’t believe in time,just believe in me.


—(whatever comes,always goes,for i am only a fool,live long,and it wont help if you cry,just play the piano and watch ,the way i kiss you goodbye)Happy as i can be,that day is due…


~ por masqueinstantes en diciembre 24, 2008.


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